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Bollinger is a French Champagne house, Established in 1829 in by Hennequin de Villermont, Paul Renaudin and Jacques Bollinger Jacques Bollinger in Champagne region. It’s a family-managed business. Bollinger became the official supplier of Champagne to the British court after receiving a Royal Warrant in 1884 from Queen Victoria, and again in 1950 from King George VI.

Meaning and history

Bollinger logo

Bollinger has always been considered the ‘man’s’ Champagne due to the fact it’s known as James Bond’s favorite Champagne.

The Bollinger logo is very strict and masculine. A fantastic balance of power and elegance is seen in bold serif wordmark and a simple yet elegant emblem, where only the year and the country of establishment shown.

No extra details and classic color scheme (black, gold and white) indicate, first of all, the quality of the product and brand loyalty to traditions.