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Zyrtec is a brand of an antihistamine drug, which is cetirizine. The medicine is manufactured by Johnson&Johnson and is one of the most known anti-allergic brands in the world.

Meaning and history

Zyrtec Logo

Zyrtec logo is sharp and confident, it shows the brand as the one, that is ready to help you and knows what it is doing. The logo is composed of an emblem with a wordmark on it.

The Zyrtec lettering in all capitals is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface with some angles sharpened and others – rounded. This effect makes the font unique and recognizable.

The white letters of the nameplate feature a green and red outline, which perfectly balanced the three-colored emblem, placed on the background.

The emblem comprises a stylized image of three overlapping leaves — green, red and yellow. These bright elements symbolize the most common allergies and celebrate the effect of Zyrtec medicine.

The bright and modern logo is instantly recognizable across the globe and looks eye-catching on any placement. The simple shapes of the Zyrtec visual identity are full of small details, which show the individual character of the brand and its attention to everything.