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McKesson is an American pharmaceutical company, the oldest and largest company in the nation, distributing and providing health information technology, medical supplies, and care tools.

Meaning and history

McKesson Logo history

1983 – 1999

McKesson Logo 1983

1999 – 2001

McKesson Logo 1999

2001 – Today

McKesson Logo
The McKesson logo is a great example of how a simple strict wordmark can look modern and stylish.

The brand’s logo is composed of its wordmark and the slogan beneath. The key role in the logo design takes the color palette. Its main color is common for the pharmaceutical industry design blue. But it has a small and bright accent, which changes everything – an orange line under the letter “C”.

This color accent makes the logo look fresher and contemporary, even though the typefaces used in the wordmark and slogan are both very classic — similar to Neue Frutiger Com Black and Neue Frutiger Com Italic, designed by Adrian Frutiger.