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Johnson & Johnson is one of the largest corporations in the segment of pharmaceutical and personal care products, which was established in 1886 in the United States. Today the company, founded by three Johnson brothers, owns several large and reputable subsidiaries and distributes its products all over the globe, being one of the most profitable groups in the world.

What is the symbol of Johnson&Johnson?
The symbol of Johnson & Johnson is nothing but the iconic logotype in a custom elegant cursive font with a recognizable ampersand connecting the two parts of the company’s name. The unique contours of the letters, sleek smooth lines, and a delicate yet intense shade of red — everything in this emblem works together to perfectly represent the brand.

Meaning and history

Johnson & Johnson Logo history

Johnson & Johnson is one of those brands, which have never changed its logo. Since the very first days of the company, the signature of its founder has been used as one and only emblem. It all started with the cheque, James Wood Johnson signed in 1886, and already in 1887, the “Johnson & Johnson” inscription appears on the products’ cans.

1886 – 2023

Johnson & Johnson Logo 1886

Though the first version of the iconic logo featured longer lines and wider loops of both letters “J” and an ampersand between them, the style of the lettering we all know today is very close to the initial version.

The cursive letters of the logotype look unique and interesting due to the absence of any inclination. It makes the whole emblem different and individual, adding a sense of trustworthiness and reliability, along with power and energy, reflected by the color palette.

2023 – now

Johnson & Johnson Logo

The new logo was created for Johnson&Johnson in 2023, replacing the legendary badge, which has been used by the company for more than 130 years. The logo is still based on the lettering, but the iconic script typeface was changed to an elegant sans-serif, while the bright shade of red for a bit darker and calmer. The new style of the logo reflects the progress and growth of the company and it’s ability to change without losing its identity.

Font and color

The custom typeface of the Johnson & Johnson visual identity is fully based on the original signature of James Wood Johnson, with which the company’s founder signed the cheques and cans. Though it got slightly modified and strengthened by today, it still has that handwriting feeling and a very special mood.

Logo Johnson & JohnsonThe typeface of the Johnson & Johnson logo is pretty close to such commercial fonts as Adelica Brush Regular, Gelato Fresco Extra Bold, and Ollie, but with most lines modified and the contours of the letters — narrowed.

Due to the condensed shapes of the letters, their straight and bold lines look strict and professional, while the bright official color palette of the company makes the whole logo look friendly and welcoming.

The Johnson & Johnson visual identity uses a bright and delightful combination of scarlet-red and white for its emblem. And this color palette evokes a sense of passion and strength, along with playfulness and happiness.

In some cases, the brand’s logo can be seen in a black-and-white color scheme or blue on white, and then the iconic inscription starts to look more serious and stable, pointing at the professional qualities of the group, its expertise, and reliability.