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Zarina is one of the brands owned by the Russian company Melon Fashion Group, which also owns such labels as Befree, Love Republic, and Sela. Zarina was created in 1993 and, according to the company, is the first Russian label of women’s clothing. It’s also the most popular such brand in the country.

Meaning and History

Zarina Logo history

The brand was started in 1993 as part of the growing women’s clothing industry in Russia. The company behind the brand was once a major supplier of clothing in the Soviet Union, but then went private and diversified their product lineup. The name basically means ‘queen’.

1993 – 2021

Zarina Logo 1993

The first logo depicted just the brand’s name, made with capital letters of a simple serif font. It was a basic typographic font, and they mostly colored these letters white or black, depending on the background. White letters with black behind them is the usual combination.

2021 – today

Zarina Logo

The logo was restyled in 2021. The new typeface showcases soft curves and refined loops, which is especially noticeable in the case of the letter ‘Z’. The stylized flower with four petals that can be seen in the top right corner also works for the overall feminine style of the logo design. This logo looks carefully drawn by hand, in general.