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Zacua is a Mexican automotive brand known for creating electric vehicles. Launched by Motores Limpios SAPI de CV, Zacua aims to address environmental concerns and urban mobility needs. These vehicles, characterized by compact designs and zero emissions, are assembled in Puebla, Mexico. Zacua’s creation reflects a growing global trend towards sustainable transportation, showcasing Mexico’s commitment to innovative automotive solutions. The brand symbolizes a blend of ecological responsibility and technological advancement in the automotive industry.

Meaning and history

Founded in July 2017 in Mexico City, Zacua is the first company in Mexican automotive history to produce and sell electric cars. It collaborated with French automaker Automobiles Chatenet, adapting the Chatenet CH30 into Zacua’s electric models, the MX2 and MX3. Spanish company Dynamik Technological Alliance developed the electric drivetrain, and the batteries were sourced from a Chinese partner. Production began in Puebla in 2019, focusing on affordable electric microcars for the Mexican market, with most components made locally. Zacua competes domestically, for instance with the Renault Twizy.

What is Zacua?
Zacua is a pioneering Mexican automotive company specializing in electric vehicles. Established in 2017, it symbolizes Mexico’s foray into eco-friendly transportation, producing compact, zero-emission electric cars designed for urban environments. Zacua’s approach melds sustainability with technological innovation, reflecting a commitment to reducing carbon footprints in mobility.


Zacua logo

The logo depicts a stylized bird of prey in mid-flight, rendered in a sharp, geometric style, predominantly white against a black shield-like background. An orange and gray outline traces the shield, with the bold, all-caps name “ZACUA” emblazoned above. The bird signifies power and vision, while the electric bolt element in the design hints at the company’s focus on electric vehicles.