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Yuanhang is the name of a progressive luxury brand of cars, which was established in China in 2022 by Dayun Group. The brand introduced itself in the middle of 2022, by presenting four different models of electric cars.

Meaning and history

Yuanhang is a very young and progressive Chinese brand of electric cars, created by Dayun Group, a famous company, which has been engaged in the production of commercial vehicles and trucks.

The Yuanhang will include four models — two sedans and two crossovers — which were all introduced in one day. All four cars will get Bosch iBooster electromechanical brake boosters like the hybrid Cayenne and Jaguar I-Pace, Bosch ESP9.3 stabilization system, Brembo brakes, air suspension, and adaptive shock absorbers.

The name of the brand, Yuanhang, can be translated from Chinese as the “Journey”, but it is also a derivative of the name of the Dayun Group founder, Yuan Quinshan. He established Dayun Group in 2009, and starts from the production of motorcycles and trucks. In 2020 the company tried itself in the production of electric cars, launching several different models, but not gaining enough popularity.

So a year later, the businessman decided to fix his mistakes with the first attempt, and create a precise and perfect brand, which will turn the electric vehicle industry upside-down.

What is Yuanhang?
Yuanhang is a Chinese brand of premium electric cars, established by Dayun Group in 2022. The brand introduced two sedans and two crossovers with a specially designed platform called Beyond the Horizon of Drive (BHD) with 800-volt architecture.

In terms of visual identity, Yuanhang looks very chic and fancy, with a heavy metallic emblem featuring a thin and lightweight inscription in a custom cursive font. The massive silver wings of the logo evoke a sense of speed and freedom, reflecting the main characteristics of the brand’s cars.

2022 – Today

Yuanhang Logo

The Yuanhang logo, designed in 2022, features a sleek and sophisticated badge in silver metallic, with the dark circle overlapped by a unique symbol — a stylized letter “A” with two massive wings going up to the sides, forming a bold geometric capital “Y” in its negative space. The circular frame of the logo is accompanied by a thin silver “Yuan Hang” lettering in a fancy handwritten style, completing the design and adding even more uniqueness to it.

Font and color

Yuanhang Emblem

The lettering on the Yuan Hang badge is set in a custom handwritten typeface with elongated lines and interesting shapes of the letters. There is no commercial analog of the font, used in this insignia, which only emphasizes the special approach of the company to every detail.

As for the color palette of the YuanHang visual identity, it is set in different shades of gray and white, making up a voluminous metallic composition, which looks cold, fancy, and elegant, evoking a sense of power, stability, and speed.

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