One of the fastest growing outdoor companies in the US, YETI currently sells its goods in more than 6,000 independent retailers.

Meaning and history

logo YETI

In addition to the regular YETI logo, the company often uses an icon, which consists of the letter “Y” in a bold uppercase typeface.

Standard symbol

YETI symbol

The standard logotype is built around the name of the company. In case the background is not white, the wordmark is placed inside a rectangular shape.

Alternative emblems

YETI emblem

In addition to the word “YETI”, other inscriptions may be included in the logo depending on the type of product it is placed on. Most often, the wordmark is accompanied by the text “Coolers” or the company slogan: “Wildly stronger! Keep ice longer!”


Font YETI Logo

Although there does exist a font family called YETI (created by Test Pilot Collective), it actually has nothing to do with the typeface featured in the current logo of the YETI company. The wordmark is given in a bold uppercase sans serif font. It looks absolutely generic, but creates an impression of reliability, which probably is the reason why it had been chosenchosen.


Color YETI Logo

The color scheme featured in the YETI logo is minimalistic. It is confined to two colors: one for the background, the other for the lettering. If the background is white, then the text is given in a very dark shade of blue, while the dark blue, black or grey background requires white letters.

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