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NERF logo
While the logo of the toy brand NERF has always been built around the name of the label, the design itself hasn’t been consistent – it has gone through quite a few notable modifications.

Meaning and History logo

NERF Logo history

The original NERF symbol featured the name of the brand in large yellow-orange letters. The plump, asymmetric letterforms looked playful and friendly, which perfectly conveyed the core mission of the company and its products. This fact might have been one of the reasons why the emblem remained unchanged for such a long period – from 1969 to 1990. One of the distinctive features of the image was the way the “E” was placed “over” other letters and thus became the visual center.

Old logo

Old logo NERF
In 1990, the insignia went through a major overhaul. The letters grew thinner, while the color scheme was enriched with red (for the letters), orange, and green. The glyphs looked a bit more “serious” than in the original version, yet they still preserved its playful vibe.

Symbol in 1992-2003

Symbol NERF
The 1992 logo had a completely different mood – it was definitely more like a sports brand emblem. In one version there was a blue circle and a purple grid design behind the wordmark, while another version featured only a circle (which was red). With its new font and the new elements on the background, the insignia looked dynamic and energetic.
In the 1998 version, the circle turned into a real emblem. A stylized letter “N” in bright yellow was placed in its center. The elliptical frame was also bright yellow, while the filling was blue. The typeface bore almost nothing in common with its predecessor, except for its dynamism and sporty feel.
The logo adopted in 2003 looked like a comeback to the playful mood of the original emblem. This time, the letters weren’t that plump. The text seemed to have been written by someone’s finger.

The 2004 emblem

emblem NERF
Once again, the NERF gun logo started to look like an emblem of a sports brand. The word “NERF” in a calm shade of yellow is “moving” in the upward direction, which is probably supposed to symbolize optimism and future.


The type featured on the current NERF logo is called Letraset Crillee. It was crafted in 1980-1987 by Dick Jones, Peter O’Donnell, and Vince Whitlock and published in the ITC library.


Color NERF logo
The logo has been comparatively consistent in its color palette. Starting from the very first version, the main color has always been gold or yellow. However, it hasn’t always been the same tint. While some versions featured only yellow, others boasted a more diverse palette.