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Roundup is an American brand of pesticide which is used to kill unwanted plants. The brand was established in 1976 by Monsanto and is owned by Bayer since 2018.

Meaning and history

Logo Roundup

The Roundup logo is bright and memorable. It is composed of a wordmark with a graphical element.

The wordmark consists of two parts: strict and straight “Round” is written in a bold black typeface which is sans-serif. The lettering is condensed and slightly narrowed. The black color uses gradient tones in order to create volume and a three-dimensional effect.

The “Up” part of the nameplate uses the same typeface but in italic style. Due to the inclination, it looks less heavy and more elegant. The color used for the “Up” is bright green, which is the symbol of nature and energy.

symbol Roundup

The only non-text element of the Roundup logo is an orbit, which is three-dimensional and features different colors depending on the type of the product. The color of the rounded line is always accompanied by the package cap of the same shade.

The Roundup logo looks professional and confident, placed on a white background it evokes a sense of safety and sterility. It is a simple yet bright and modern visual identity, which suits the brand and shows its product as a quality one.