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XFL logo


XFL is the name of the football league from the United States, which was established at the beginning of the 2000s and operates for just one year until it was revived in 2018. Today the professional league consists of four teams from the East division, and four — from the West.

Meaning and history

XFL Logo historyThe XFL visual identity does not have an intense history full of redesigns and modifications, as the league was not operating for seventeen years, so with its revival in 2018, it has taken the original concept of the logo, designed in 2000, and slightly modernized it.

2000 – 2001

XFL Logo 2001
The very first logo for XFL was introduced in 2000 and featured a bold serif lettering in scarlet-red, outlined in white, and placed on a white background with an extended black “X” as the only element. The logo looked simple yet powerful and bright, evoking a sense of danger, competition, and fighting spirit.

2018 – 2022

XFL Logo 2018
The redesign of 2018 kept the original composition of the logo with its “X” and red lettering but changed the color palette on contouring of the elements. Now the logotype featured a double white and blue outline and was executed in an extra-bold italicized typeface. As for the emblem’s background, the “X” is now colored blue and had a delicate white and red outline, which balances the colors of the inscription. The lines of the “X” became thicker and more brutal, elevating the whole image and making it stronger than the previous version.

2022 – Today

XFL logo

From the very beginning, the league had bold and powerful logos and this version is no exception. It features the initials printed using a bold, geometric font of black color. The logo was created at the time when new XFL team names and logos for the 2023 season got revealed and followed the XFL website update. It looked modern, strong, and full of determination, just like the teams it was representing.

Font and color

The custom typeface of the XFL visual identity features modern geometric letters, which are italicized and glued to each other, though do not look too heavy and do not overload the logo.XFL logoXFL logo

The blue, red, and white color palette of the XFL visual identity is a celebration of the National flag of the United States and its tricolor, along with the reflection of loyalty, power, and energy.


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