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The Premier Development League is the old name of the league now known under the name of USL League Two.

Meaning and history

USL League 2 Logo history

1995 — 2010

USL Premier Development League Logo 1995
The Premier Development League logo, designed in 2010, stayed with the organization for longer than a decade and was kept for the following version, created in 2010. It was a bright green smooth crest with a double black and green outline and a wide yellow banner on its top part. The banner contained a two-lined inscription in black sans-serif capitals, which were slightly narrowed. The main part of the logo featured a black and white football with a stylized gradient flame coming out of it and a white shadowed “USL” abbreviation set on the right part of the crest.

2010 — 2015

USL Premier Development League Logo 2010The old PDL logo featured the short name of the league in large dark blue letters, while the full name in smaller letters could be seen below. The design was placed inside an ellipse. There was the USL shield overlapping the border of the ellipse on the top, while below it a football could be seen.

2015 — Today

USL Premier Development League Logo 2015
The shape of the Premier Development League logo is something in between a shield and a drop with its top cut. In the upper half of the drop, there’s the lettering “PDL” in white on dark blue background, while below it there’s a white star on the red background.

2019 — Today

USL League 2 logo