WRC Logo


The logo of the World Rally Championship reveals its symbolic meaning at first glance – the steep turns of the letters bring to mind the roads lying ahead of the drivers that take part in the rallying series. On the downside, the WRC logo has a legibility issue.

Meaning and history

WRC Logo history

The World Rally Championship (WRC) was founded by the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in 1973, evolving from the earlier International Championship for Manufacturers. This prestigious rallying series has since become synonymous with high-speed, high-skilled driving on varied terrain. Over the decades, the WRC has carved out a niche as a premier motorsport competition, showcasing both driver skill and automotive engineering. Notable achievements include the introduction of legendary drivers like Sébastien Loeb, who has won nine championships, and Tommi Mäkinen, with four titles to his name. The series has also seen significant evolution in car technology, adapting to changing automotive trends and environmental considerations.

The WRC has expanded its global footprint, hosting events across continents and drawing a diverse fan base. Its impact on the automotive industry is notable, influencing car design and technology. The championship’s regulations have also evolved, introducing hybrid technology in recent years to align with environmental sustainability goals. Currently, the WRC stands as a pinnacle of rallying, maintaining its status as a highly competitive and technologically advanced series, appealing to a broad spectrum of motorsport enthusiasts and maintaining strong ties with leading car manufacturers.

What is World Rally Championship?
The WRC is a globally renowned motorsport series, focusing on rallying competitions across diverse terrains and countries. It’s recognized for high-speed, skilled driving, and advanced automotive technology.



WRC Logo old

The earlier version looks by far less stylish and less elegant. While it also conveys the “rally” meaning, it is done in a pretty straightforward and generic way – you can in fact see a car driving ahead. The type is a dynamic yet generic one.


WRC Logo

The logo is dominated by the initials of the name of the Championship, “WRC.” The first two letters form a single glyph where the left bar of the “W” also serves as the vertical bar of the “R.” This approach in combination with the rounded angles and ends make the lettering resemble the road with steep turns. While the “C” stands apart, it also looks like the road.

Below, you can see the writing “FIA World Rally” (inside a rectangle with rounded corners) and “Championship” (the bottom line). The words in both the lines are much smaller than the abbreviation above but they feature the same “rally” typeface.


The World Rally Championship logo currently featured on the official website (2020) combines three colors. The letters are white and dark blue, while the background is orange. The orange takes up the majority of the surface, due to which the design looks vivid and energetic.