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Rewards Giant is a rewards platform operating in the UK, United States, and Australia, offering users the chance to earn free $100 gift cards to popular retailers by completing various sponsored deals with its partners​​. It is rated as a medium-risk, active, and mediocre business by Scam Detector’s algorithm, which assesses various factors related to its niche, giving it a rank of 58.8 out of 100​​.

Despite some skepticism, it’s considered a legitimate site where users can earn quick cash rewards and gift vouchers, provided they carefully follow the rules​​​​. However, it’s worth noting that to qualify for these rewards, users might need to sign up for game and subscription downloads, especially when engaging with the platform through social media posts​​.

Meaning and history

The history of Rewards Giant is a story of growth and evolution in the digital rewards and deals market. Established in 2011 and headquartered in New York, Rewards Giant is a brainchild of Matthew Conlin, co-founder of Fluent Inc. This company was developed as a subsidiary of Fluent Inc., which is known for other similar initiatives like Flash Rewards​​.

Rewards Giant swiftly made its mark in the rewards program arena. By 2023, it boasted over 500 partners and had amassed a member base of 2 million people, significantly contributing to its nearly $100 million in earnings since its inception​​. The company operates primarily in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, catering to a diverse and global audience​​.

The platform’s business model revolves around offering cash rewards and gift vouchers for completing various deals and sponsored activities. Users can earn anywhere from $5 for a single deal to as much as $1,000 for completing up to 25 deals. The company claims to have paid close to $20 million in rewards as of 2023, reflecting its success and popularity among users​​​​.

Rewards Giant’s parent company, Reward Zone USA LLC, is a testament to its legitimacy and backing. Under the umbrella of Fluent, Inc., Reward Zone USA LLC has a significant market capitalization and has been known for similar successful ventures in the rewards domain. This connection underlines Rewards Giant’s reliability and its position in the market as a legitimate rewards site​​.

Throughout its history, Rewards Giant has adapted and evolved, keeping pace with the changing landscape of online reward programs and digital marketing. Its success story is marked by a steady expansion in its user base, partnerships, and financial growth, positioning it as a notable player in the rewards program market.


Rewards Giant Logo

This logo presents a textual design with a visually clever twist. The brand name unfolds in two segments with stark, boldface capital letters that exude a contemporary vibe. “REWARDS” is scripted in a straightforward, assertive manner, signaling reliability and clarity. The intrigue lies in “GIANT,” where the ‘G’ is artistically reimagined to resemble a looped ribbon or perhaps a stylized infinity symbol, introducing a subtle narrative of endless possibilities and generosity.The monochrome palette reinforces the brand’s elegant simplicity, ensuring the logo’s adaptability across various platforms and mediums.