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The Western Carolina Catamounts logo has featured a wild cat, in one form or another, since at least 1981.

Meaning and history

Western Carolina Catamounts Logo history

1975 – 1981

Western Carolina Catamounts Logo 1975

1981 – 1996

Western Carolina Catamounts Logo-1981
The logo of the athletic team from the Western Carolina University, created in 1981, featured a very bright composition, with the yellow image of a wild cat placed in the center, outlines in bright purple, and covered by an arched inscription in the darker shade of purple. The “Western Carolina University” lettering was set in the uppercase of a bold and square serif typeface.

1996 – 2003

Western Carolina Catamounts Logo 1996

2003 – 2008

Western Carolina Catamounts Logo-1996
The redesign of 1996 kept the wild cat as the main element of the badge, but redrew it in a more modern manner, with a better detalisation and in a more realistic color palette. The animal was placed above a two-leveled inscription, and had a dark purple cloud on the background. The lettering was set in all-caps of a sharp and fancy serif font, having purple as the main color, and a yellow-white-black tricolor for the outline.

2008 – 2015

Western Carolina Catamounts Logo 2008

2015 – 2018

Western Carolina Catamounts Logo 2015
On the current emblem, you can see an angled view of the cat’s head. The two colors dominating the picture are purple and a dark shade of gold. There is also a couple of white details.

The previous version (1996-2007) was by far more cluttered. Here, there was the cat’s head with the upper part of the body in yellow. Between the paws, the lettering “Western Carolina” could be seen. The logo used in 1981-1995 showcased a simpler drawing of the cat’s head in gold with purple trim. It was encircled by the name of the university.

2018 – Today

Western Carolina Catamounts logo

Western Carolina Catamounts Colors

HEX COLOR: #592C88;
RGB: (89 44 136)
CMYK: (89 100 0 0)

RGB: (193 168 117)
CMYK: (20 32 58 0)