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Manhattan College in The Bronx, New York City, sponsors around twenty varsity teams playing under the name of Manhattan Jaspers and Lady Jaspers.

Meaning and history

Manhattan Jaspers logo history

Tracing back to the establishment of Manhattan College in 1853, the Manhattan Jaspers emerged as a pivotal part of the college’s identity, deeply rooted in the traditions and ethos of the institution. The genesis of the Jaspers’ name is a tribute to Brother Jasper of Mary, F.S.C., an influential figure in the early days of the college. He was not only a beloved educator but also an innovator in the realm of college sports, famously associated with the origin of the seventh-inning stretch in baseball.

Throughout the decades, the Manhattan Jaspers have carved out a distinguished place in collegiate athletics. In men’s basketball, they have been a formidable presence, marked by their repeated qualifications for the NCAA tournament. These achievements not only elevated the team’s stature but also brought a spotlight to Manhattan College on a national scale. Equally impressive has been their track and field program, which has been a consistent breeding ground for athletes who have gone on to compete at elite levels, including the Olympic Games.

In the current landscape of collegiate sports, the Manhattan Jaspers remain an integral part of the MAAC, competing with tenacity and spirit across various sports disciplines. Their ongoing endeavors on the field and court stand as a testament to their enduring commitment to athletic excellence, a principle that has been a cornerstone of the Jasper spirit since their inception.

What is Manhattan Jaspers?
The Manhattan Jaspers represent the athletic embodiment of Manhattan College, a renowned Roman Catholic liberal arts college in New York City. As participants in NCAA Division I, they are a symbol of athletic dynamism, competing in the MAAC across multiple sports disciplines. Their legacy, particularly in basketball and track and field, is a narrative of resilience, achievement, and an unwavering commitment to sportsmanship and excellence.

1981 – 2011

Manhattan Jaspers Logo-1981

The Manhattan Jaspers logo is primarily a typographic one. It is dominated by a large green “M.” On the forefront, there is a dark green banner featuring the word “Jaspers” in white.

2012 – Today

Manhattan Jaspers Logo

The current logo was adopted in 2012. The previous one, which was used in 1981-2011, looked pretty similar. The green was slightly darker and the shape of the glyphs was slightly different, while the structure was the same as that of the current Manhattan Jaspers logo.

Manhattan Jaspers basketball

Manhattan Jaspers basketball logo

The men’s basketball team has competed in eight NCAA Tournaments and 18 National Invitation Tournaments. It also appeared in the 2012 Postseason Tournament. The Lady Jaspers have appeared in four NCAA Division I Tournaments and two Women’s Basketball Invitational.

Manhattan Jaspers baseball

Manhattan Jaspers baseball logo

The team coached by Mike Cole uses Dutchess Stadium as its home arena.

Manhattan Jaspers Colors

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RGB: (0, 112, 60)
CMYK: (100, 0, 91, 42)

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CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)

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