West Coast Customs Logo

West Coast Customs logoWest Coast Customs Logo PNG

The logo of West Coast Customs, a California-based automobile repair shop, is decorated with plenty of elaborate details. Due to them, it looks more like the logo of a music band. This may seem reasonable taking into consideration the company’s public image.

Meaning and history

West Coast Customs became notorious due to the patronage of such well-known people as basketball player Shaquille O’Neal and rapper Puff Daddy. The fact that the company appeared in the reality television programs Pimp My Ride and Street Customs only reinforced its popularity.

The “celebrity” style is a distinctive feature of the West Coast Customs logo. To begin with, it is hardly legible – something that most “regular” businesses cannot afford. The company’s name is written in a creative custom script. Each of the letters has a completely unique shape featuring lots of seemingly unnecessary elements, from arrows to curves and curls.

West Coast Customs Logo

The lettering “West Coast” is given in white, while the word “Customs,” which is placed over a thick white stroke, is black. Optionally, the West Coast Customs logo may have black trim and shades. In some cases, a blue outline is added, too, which seems to have been inspired by the beaches of California.

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