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The history of the West Coast Conference (WCC) started in 1952. It is an NCAA-affiliated Division I collegiate athletic conference with members located in California, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Meaning and history

West Coast Conference Logo history

1989 – 2010

West Coast Conference Logo-1989
The West Coast Conference logo from 1989 featured a bright contrasted badge in a horizontally oriented rectangular badge in burgundy and blue, with the enlarged white “West Coast” inscription set on the burgundy part, and the “Conference” in smaller capitals — on a blue narrow element at the bottom of the logo. The left contour of the letter “W” repeated the shape of the USA west coast map contouring, and had eight blue five-pointed stars placed on its white body, to represent the cities of the teams members of the conference.

2011 – 2019

West Coast Conference Logo 2011
While the old West Coast Conference logo was based on the most popular colors used in sports logos in the US, it had a unique style. A large “W” with a red and white star above was the centerpiece of the logo. Together with the red wave design below, it conjured up the images of the night sky at the beach. Below, there were two lines: “West Coast” and “Conference” In blue and red respectively.

The current emblem looks by far more abstract with its bold angular shapes.

2019 – Today

West Coast Conference logo