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Wenger is renowned as the producer of the genuine Swiss Army Knife. Currently, the firm has diversified, offering not only multifunctional knives but also high-quality watches, luggage, and business gear. Having roots in Switzerland, Wenger has expanded its footprint globally, serving international markets. Today, it operates under the umbrella of Victorinox AG, another iconic Swiss brand. With a commitment to precision and durability, Wenger continues to be a trusted name, synthesizing Swiss craftsmanship with modern demands.

Meaning and history

Wenger’s origins trace back to 1893 in the Jura Mountains of Switzerland, where it began producing cutlery. Initially, Wenger was one of the two companies awarded the contract to make the Swiss Army’s multi-purpose tool, thus coining the term “Swiss Army Knife.” As decades rolled on, the company expanded its product range, introducing innovations and improvements to the iconic knife.

Throughout its journey, Wenger maintained a reputation for impeccable quality and innovative design. However, challenges arose in the 20th century as global competition intensified. To keep pace, Wenger diversified its product line, venturing into watches, travel gear, and other items, always emphasizing Swiss precision.

In 2005, a significant shift occurred when Wenger was acquired by its historic competitor, Victorinox AG. Instead of merging the brands, Victorinox chose to maintain Wenger’s unique identity, emphasizing its heritage while pooling resources for research, design, and marketing.

The acquisition by Victorinox led to enhanced capabilities and resources for Wenger, ensuring that the brand continued to thrive and evolve in the modern market. Production strategies were realigned, with some operations consolidated for efficiency, but the essence of Wenger — its Swiss roots and commitment to quality — remained untouched.

Today, as a part of Victorinox, Wenger holds onto its legacy while adapting to contemporary demands, exemplifying the blend of tradition and innovation that has marked its journey since the late 19th century.


Wenger Logo

Displayed prominently is a minimalist logo that reads “WENGER” in thick, bold, and capital letters. Preceding the text, there’s an emblem featuring a crimson square with rounded edges. Inside this square, a distinct white cross is showcased — an emblematic symbol of Switzerland. To the far right of the brand name, a circled ‘R’ is subtly positioned, indicating the logo’s trademarked status. The overall design radiates a sense of tradition mixed with modernity, mirroring the brand’s essence.