BHP Logo


BHP is an Australian Gad and oil corporation, which was established in 2001 through the merger of Broken Hill Propietary and Billiton. The company also specializes in mining and iron ore.

Meaning and history

BHP Logo history

Before 1985

BHP Logo before 1985

The original BHP logo featured a tricolor rectangular flag, with blue and red parts separated by a thick white diagonal banner with black lettering on it. It was a very simple composition, yet executed very professional and evoking a sense of power and stability.

1985 – 2001

BHP Logo 1985
The redesign did 1985 Brough a more minimalist and strict image to the company and now the BHP wordmark was set in the uppercase of a massive a modern sans-serif typeface in dark blue, and placed on the right from a geometric emblem with several overlapping squares and rectangles, resembling a chain-like structure.

2001 – 2017

BHP Logo 2001
In 2001 after the merger with Billiton, the logo was redesigned again, and the lettering, which was now set in the lowercase, got extended to “Bhpbilliton”. The graphical part of the redesigned identity was placed above the right part of the inscription and boasted three parts I’m drawn in gradient orange — two dots merged dots and a solid elongated drop. Symbolizing the growth of the new company.

2017 – Today

Bhp logo

The BHP visual identity is laconic and minimalist. Based on the simple letterforms and just one bright color it looks professional and powerful.

The sans serif typeface of all the capital letters has thick straight lines and traditional cut angles. The nameplate is perfectly balanced and the letters are refined and look strong and neat.

The bright orange color of the BHP visual identity was inherited from the previous version of the company’s logo when it had the name BHPBilliton. The old logo was composed of all the lowercase wordmark with a meaningful abstract emblem.

Orange is a symbol of energy and passion, it evokes a sense of happiness and friendliness, reflecting the progressive and innovative company which also values the creative approach in everything.

The BHP logo’s simplicity makes it stand out. It is a timeless perfectly executed nameplate and the right choice of the color scheme. The logo represents an influential and super confident brand, which is looking into the future with curiosity and courage.