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Pipedrive is a European company, which develops web and mobile applications. The company was established in 2010 in Estonia and today had its offices in Europe and the United States. Pipedrive’s most popular product is CRM, which has over 80 thousand users all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Pipedrive Logo

The Pipedrive text-based visual identity concept is laconic and minimalist. Executed in a monochrome palette, its logotype looks modern and fresh, despite the simplicity of colors and shapes.

The Pipedrive wordmark in all the lowercase lettering is written in a smooth and bold modern serif typeface, where the serifs have rounded angles and different directions. It makes the logo playful and friendly.

The monochrome palette of the Pipedrive logo allows placing it on different surfaces, but the brand prefers solid colors. In their brand book, Pipedrive has two major options of the logo placement: white lettering on a black background, which looks sharp and futuristic, and black inscription in white, which is more traditional and strict.

The Pipedrive logo is a perfect representation of a strong and powerful brand with huge expertise and authority. It shows the high-quality fundamental approach of the company and its values of loyalty and heritage.

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