Washington Huskies Logo

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Washington Huskies Logo
For much of its history, the Washington Huskies logo has featured the husky, which is quite natural for the team of such name. The current emblem has eliminated animalistic symbolism.

Meaning and history

Washington Huskies Logo history

The logo used in 1919-1922 featured a pretty funny human character. In 1932, the husky made its first appearance on the emblem. While the way the animal was depicted changed several times, the husky was present on the logo until 2006, except for a short period in 1953-1957, when a large “W” was used as the athletic logo.
Since 2006, the University of Washington Husky logo has been a dark blue “W” with yellow trim.

Washington Huskies softball

Washington Huskies softball logo
The school sponsors 22 varsity teams in a variety of sports, from baseball to beach volleyball. One of the most successful of them is the softball team. They became the NCAA Tournament champions in 2009. As of 2019, the number of the NCAA Tournament appearances has reached 26.


Washington Huskies emblem
The basketball teams are members of the NCAA Division I and compete in the Pac-12 Conference. The highest achievement of the men’s team has been competing in the NCAA Tournament Final Four in 1954. They have competed in the NCAA Tournament 17 times. The women’s team also has had a single appearance in the NCAA Tournament Final Four, only it took place more recently (2016). They have had 19 NCAA Tournament appearances.