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Wartburg is the name of a discontinued German automaking brand, which was established in 1898 and closed at the beginning of the 1990s. Wartburg cars were pretty popular across Europe, and during its history, the brand released 5 different models.

Meaning and history

The visual identity of the German automaker was a very elegant tribute to the roots and legacy of the brand and the city it was born in. The classy badge looked great on the company’s cars, as well as on all the printables. It was a reflection of style and dynamics.

The Wartburg logo was composed of a sharp geometric badge with its bottom part triangular, and the upper one — arched. Elongated left and right sides resembled wings of a plane and added an “aviation” mood to the whole logo.

Wartburg Logo

The arched part of the emblem “covers” a black silhouette of the city with its roofs of different shapes and heights. Four diagonal lines frame the image from both sides (two from the left and two from the right).

The “Automobilwerk Eisenach” nameplate is placed on a horizontal white line with the black outline, which crosses the black city silhouette in its bottom part. There are also three letters “VEB” under the image.

When placed on the card, the Wartburg badge was executed in cream-beige color with black and silver detailing. The tender and chic color made the whole insignia look expensive and brought a retro feeling and style.

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