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“Five Vodka” is a distinctive vodka brand celebrated for its purity. Crafted using water sourced from ancient reserves, its distillation method ensures impeccable clarity and taste. Currently, it’s vying for market presence in upscale bars and retailers. Its primary markets encompass aficionados who appreciate premium spirits.

Meaning and history

The figure within the title signifies the distillation count in the Penderyn module, resulting in a 43% potency. Malt spirit is a component, introducing a fruit-infused sugary note contrasting the pungent rye finish. The packaging is succinct – a dark vessel adorned with the Roman notation for five. This unique blend of elements, coupled with meticulous crafting, sets it apart in the market. Its distinct combination of ingredients gives it a character unlike any other. The choice of container color emphasizes its mysterious allure, and the Roman numeral stands as a testament to its legacy and precision in creation.

Five Vodka continually triumphs in global contests and stands as a prominent vodka label in the UK. This spirit boasts undertones of fresh fruits and simmered barley, complemented by hints of peppery zest, aromatic seasonings, and toasted nuttiness. The unique profile has led it to gain a strong foothold in the industry. Its taste journey offers an exceptional balance between the softness of fruit and the warmth of spices. Each sip brings a blend of tradition and innovation, reflecting the brand’s commitment to quality. The reputation it holds in Britain is a testament to its unmatched craftsmanship and unparalleled flavor fusion.


Five Vodka Logo

The logo showcases a slender vertical rectangle, inside of which the letters “F”, “I”, “V”, and “E” are vertically aligned, with each letter stacked on top of the other. The overall color scheme is monochromatic, featuring muted shades. The letter “V” in the sequence stands out prominently, lending a sense of uniqueness to the design. The aesthetic is minimalist, with a blend of contemporary and classic elements, making it both sophisticated and approachable.