Walther Logo

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Walther is a German company, specializing in firearms manufacturing. It was established in 1886 and today is one of the most famous and reliable companies in the world’s weapon segment.

Meaning and history

The Walther logo is pretty surprising for the weapon manufacturing company. It looks light and even elegant, composed of a ribbon with a wordmark on it.

The brand’s name inscription in all the capital letters is executed is a bold and rounded sans-serif typeface with smooth simple lines. The letters are perfect space and create a sense of harmony.

The Walther ribbon is waved and has a thick outline, correlated to the thickness of the letter-lines. The emblem looks lightweight and even playful, it evokes a sense of movement and freshness.

Walther Logo

The Walther logo uses a few different color palettes. On websites and printables it is usually executed in monochrome, which reflects the company’s strength and masculinity.

Another version of the logo featured light blue on a white background, and in this color scheme, the Walther visual identity looks friendly and evokes a sense of safety and security.

Walther arms logo

When placed on the brand’s weapons, the logo boasts a sleek silver and deep blue combination, which adds timelessness and sophistication to the company’s visual identity.