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Royal Caribbean is a cruise line company known for its innovative, large ships and diverse vacation experiences. It was founded in Norway by three shipping companies: Anders Wilhelmsen & Company, I.M. Skaugen & Company, and Gotaas Larsen. Headquartered in Miami, Florida, Royal Caribbean was created to offer luxurious, adventurous cruises to global destinations. It revolutionized the industry with unique onboard amenities and activities, catering to travelers seeking both relaxation and adventure at sea.

Meaning and history

Royal Caribbean, a trailblazer in cruising, embarked on its voyage in 1968. Conceived in Norway by three maritime companies, it set sail with a vision of transforming sea travel. The company’s journey began modestly with a single ship, ‘Song of Norway’. Innovation was at its helm. It introduced the ‘Viking Crown Lounge’, a seafaring marvel, and soon expanded its fleet, pushing boundaries with grander vessels like ‘Oasis of the Seas’. Based in Miami, Florida, it navigated the tides of change, offering exotic destinations and unmatched onboard experiences.

As it cruised through decades, Royal Caribbean became synonymous with adventure and luxury at sea, shaping the modern cruise industry.

What is Royal Cribbean?
Royal Caribbean stands as a titan of the seas, crafting oceanic odysseys that blend luxury with adventure. It unfurled its sails in 1968, charting new waters with imaginative vessels that are veritable floating cities, complete with Broadway shows and botanical gardens. This company is not merely a cruise line; it’s a floating tapestry of global cultures, offering a mosaic of experiences to seafarers worldwide.

1997 – Today

Royal Cribbean logo

The emblem of Royal Caribbean International marries nautical heritage with a modern touch. A stylized, white anchor, topped with a crown, symbolizes maritime royalty and anchors itself firmly within a navy blue rectangle. Adjacent lies the company’s name in a bold, serif font, stretched over a field of blue and underscored by a golden strip, evoking a sense of luxury and adventure on the high seas. This logo encapsulates the brand’s essence, a blend of tradition and grandeur, inviting travelers to majestic, oceanic voyages.