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Based in the United Kingdom, Motorway stands at the forefront of transforming the pre-owned vehicle sector. The platform establishes a direct conduit between individual car sellers and professional purchasers, streamlining the transaction process while optimizing the returns for all parties involved. Speed, equity, and user convenience are the cornerstones of their operational ethos, which has garnered a substantial and diverse clientele. Currently, Motorway’s sphere of activity is centered within the UK, yet it eyes further geographical growth. A cohort of distinguished venture capital entities underpins the firm’s private ownership. Motorway has carved a niche for itself by leveraging intuitive digital interfaces and a streamlined vehicle trading system, thereby redefining benchmarks within the automotive exchange market.

Meaning and history

Motorway Logo history

Motorway was founded in July 2017 by Tom Leathes, Alex Buttle, and Harry Jones. The trio had previously created Top10, a broadband comparison site, which was acquired by uSwitch in 2010. Motorway’s journey began with an angel investment of £500,000, followed by a £2.75 million seed funding round involving LocalGlobe and Marchmont Ventures. In 2019, the company secured £11 million in Series A funding, bringing its total funding to £14.3 million. Despite a temporary halt in trading during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns in March 2020, Motorway quickly adapted with contact-free transport and resumed operations by May 2020. By June of the same year, they were reporting £1.39 million in daily used car sales.

The growth trajectory continued with Lloyd Page, former Marketing Director of MoneySupermarket, joining as CMO in March 2021. A substantial Series B funding of £48 million was raised in June 2021, led by Index Ventures, BMW i Ventures, and Unbound, and in November 2021, Motorway raised $190 million in Series C funding, co-led by Index Ventures and ICONIQ Growth, valuing the company at over $1 billion and earning it unicorn status. By mid-2022, Motorway was selling more than 1,000 cars daily. In February 2023, the company reported reaching £1.7 billion ($2.1 billion) in used car sales for 2022, doubling its annual revenue year-on-year​​.

Before 2019

Motorway Logo old

The company’s name is spelled out in a refined, sans-serif font that radiates modernity, with each letter uniformly colored in a soft grey tone. Notably, the ‘o’ characters are replaced with two circles filled with red and yellow, infusing the design with a subtle vibrancy and drawing the viewer’s gaze. This choice of replacing standard typography with colored geometric shapes adds a playful yet sophisticated twist to the overall aesthetic, symbolizing the brand’s innovative and dynamic approach to its business.

2019 – Today

Motorway Logo

The emblem of Avtomagistral stands as a paragon of contemporary, unembellished graphic design, manifesting the corporate moniker in a weighty, clean-cut sans serif typeface. Cast in a stark black hue, the inscription leaps out against a backdrop of vibrant yellow, ensuring its prominence and legibility. The logo’s configuration is notably uncluttered, culminating in a full stop that conveys a sense of wholeness and accentuates the identity of the enterprise. This bare-bones approach to design mirrors Avtomagistral’s commitment to streamlined, unambiguous interactions and transactions within their operations, highlighting their core values of directness and transparency in customer engagement. The visual trademark encapsulates the essence of Avtomagistral’s philosophy, embedding a promise of straightforward, reliable service in its very fibers.

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