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WalletConnect is a blockchain service, launched to 2018. It’s used to connect decentralized apps to crypto wallets to make for an easier integration of said app with the blockchain. App developers use it to include crypto features into their apps. Thanks to this mechanism, apps can receive, keep, transfer cryptocurrencies and do a lot of other actions with them. The actions are usually done through QR codes.

Meaning and History

WalletConnect was released in 2018. It was created by the developer Pedro Gomez and ported to iOS and Android. The protocol does what its name suggests – it connects apps to crypto wallets. The actual connecting is done through QR codes, creating a smooth, effortless process. The service attracted controversy after Discord tried to use its technologies to implement NFT integration in 2021.

2018 – today

WalletConnect Logo

The main emblem looks like an overly wide letter ‘W’ with a curved line above it. The ‘W’ is supposed to be ‘Wallet’, and the curved line above is meant to be a turned-over letter ‘C’. The tips of the latter are aimed at the ends of the former, which would create a continuous shape, if not for the empty areas between them. This imagery also represents the concept of connection itself, as a slightly reference to the Wi-Fi image and the likes of it.


WalletConnect Symbol

The name wordmark of the brand is typically written to the right of its emblem. The font it uses is an ordinary sans-serif style, similar to Calibri or, less so, to Arial. There is no blank space between the two words, but the distance between the characters is pretty adequate. Notably, the first letters of both words are capitalized, while the rest is solely lowercase.


WalletConnect Emblem

The emblem typically uses a pale turquoise coloring. That being said, sometimes they turn it to white and place it in the middle of a circle, colored the same turquoise shade as use typically by the emblem itself. As for the letters in the wordmark, they typically utilize the same blue shade. On occasions, they instead prefer black, but this blue shade is the main in the color palette of this brand.

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