Westpac Logo

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Westpac Logo
Although the Westpac logo is based on an emblem introduced in 1974, it looks pretty modern due to its minimalistic style.

Meaning and history

Westpac Logo history

In 1917-1982, the bank was known as The Bank of New South Wales. One of the earliest logos featured two birds and a shield in between. Below, you could see a banner with the bank’s motto. The crest looked quite old-fashioned – in fact, it was more like a medieval coat of arms than a commercial logo.
In spite of this, it was used during a rather prolonged period – from 1931 to 1974. We can partly explain this by the fact that banks, on the whole, tend to stay on the safe side in their brand identity, so a traditional crest, which implies rich heritage, isn’t bad for a bank. Or, at least, isn’t as bad for a bank as it could have been for a tech company, for instance.

Symbol in 1974-1981

Westpac symbol
Eventually, the company replaced the shield with a contemporary, sleek logo. Its highlight was the stylized “W” consisting of three bars (one of them vertical, the other two horizontal). The bars weren’t joined with each other, which made the icon very unusual. It also looked a bit like the top of the trident. The letter “W” was chosen because customers used to refer to the bank as simply “the Wales.”
Next to the “W,” the text “Bank of New South Wales” could be seen. The full name of the company was given in a simple sans serif type. Only the initials were capitalized.
The black text created a decent contrast with the light pink background. The “W” and the stripes on the top and on the bottom of the crest were orange.

Emblem since 1982

Westpac emblem
A new era in the history of the Westpac started in 1982 when BNSW merged with the Commercial Bank of Australia. The updated logo created by Pieter Huveneers was based on the brand’s heritage, the familiar “W” made up of three bars.
In 2003, the typeface went through an update. In 2010, the bank started to use the “W” as a standalone icon in addition to the main logo.


Westpac Logo
The typeface used for the word “Westpac” on the 1982 logo was the same as the one featured on the previous emblem. In 2003, it was replaced by a more generic font.


The palette of the Westpac logo sports a vibrant shade of red and a muted grey.