Waitrose Logo

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Waitrose Logo
Although the Waitrose logo has always been built around the name of the company, it did not look the same throughout the company’s history.

Meaning and History logo

Waitrose Logo history

Before 1997, Waitrose did not have a marketing department of its own. So, it was perfectly natural that advertising had been small-scale. When the marketing department was created in 1997, it meant not only the start of a large-scale advertising campaign, but also new graphic design across all product packaging.

The 1984 symbol

symbol Waitrose
The wordmark that existed before the 1980s featured a bold serif all-cap typeface. In the 1984 logotype, the type was not bold. The wordmark was given in black in a clear serif typeface. All the letters were capitals, which ensured excellent legibility. The logo caught the eye of customers with the bright orange bar under the name of the store chain. It was used on the buildings as well as the carrier bags.

The 2004 emblem

emblem Waitrose
The current wordmark is the result of collaboration between the company’s marketing department, the Massachusetts-based corporation Monotype Imaging, and the brand consultancy Interbrand. Unlike the previous versions, the wordmark features only one capital letter, while all the others are lowercase. The logotype looks much more modern and sleek than its predecessors.


Font Waitrose Logo
The typeface looks similar to the Futura BQ Book font, although the glyphs are customized (for example, the letter “t”). The sans serif font was created by Paul Renner and published by the Berthold type foundry.


symbol Waitrose
The 2004 rebrand included a completely new color scheme. From then on, the Waitrose stores have been using a distinctive shade of yellowish green.