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Vroom is a retail chain, founded in 2013 and located in NYC. This is a peer-to-peer online marketplace, specializing in used car purchasing, selling, and distribution countrywide. Every car in their store is fixed and licensed. They also provide a 7-day guarantee and 90-day warranty. They have a fixing factory in Texas, Stafford. Vroom carries the transactions without bargaining. In the list of their partners, there are 12 banks, working nationwide.

Meaning and history

Vroom Logo history

The business was started in 2013 by Kevin Westfall and Marshall Chesrown as AutoAmerica, a retail chain selling cars. The following year, the project was transformed into an e-commerce company helping people set up car selling orders with a peer-to-peer system. It also changed its name to Vroom, which is an imitation of what engines sound like.

What is Vroom?
Vroom is the name of an electronic retail chain, formed in 2013 as AutoAmerica, and now headquartered in New York. As a p2p market platform, Vroom allows its clients sell and buy their vehicles without haggling. All cars are fixed in their repairing workshop, located in Texas. Vroom gives 90-day warranties and a 7-day guarantee to its customers. They also purchase vehicles from their clients, giving cash vouchers after an online car verifying.

2014 – 2016

Vroom Logo 2014

The first logotype after the renaming depicts just the nameplate. The ‘v’ character had a sharp serif in its left bar. The ‘o’ had the same thing, but in its inner part. The second ‘o’ had a small serif as the top as well. Also, all letters were slightly tilted.

2016 – 2018

Vroom Logo 2016

The name got another font with rounded corners and without any serifs except for the ‘v’ character.

2018 – today

Vroom Logo

The modern version depicts the inscription with the name too.


Vroom Symbol

Unlike the previous wavy and italicized fonts, the later 2018 name caption typeface features angular characters. The ‘v’, ‘r’, and ‘m’ symbols have heavy offshoots in their left bars. The letters stand almost untilted.


Vroom Emblem

The color code in the logotypes varies as well.  The first two were blue, while the modern one is red.

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