Target Logo

Target Logo
Although the Target logo has been updated more than once throughout its history, the core visual metaphor has always stayed the same. The emblem has always been built around a stylized depiction of a target, with a pronounced bullseye. Moreover, the word “bullseye” itself is the nickname for the Target’s registered trademark.

Meaning and history Target Logo

Target Logo history

The history of Target started in 1962, when the Dayton Company opened a discount store in Roseville, Minnesota. Prior to it, the company’s team discussed over two hundred versions of the name and the emblem for the new store. As a result of this, the name “Target” was chosen and the first version of the logo was born. It depicted a target with three red circles and white spaces between them. It served as the background against which name of the store was written. The wordmark itself was black and featured a bold italic font.

Target symbol: 1975-present

Target symbol
In 1975 the Bullseye acquired its current look: a red circle inside another red circle with the white filler between them. In contrast to the current logo, this emblem had the name of the company written next to it. It featured a bold sans-serif all-cap typeface.
target logo transparent
The Bullseye symbol disappeared in the 1989 version. The logo consisted of just the wordmark featuring a beautiful script. However, the company got rid of it in two months.
target new logo
The current version is just a Bullseye, without the word “Target”. The company found out that 96% of American shoppers know what the emblem stands for, so the wording is unnecessary.

Which Target emblem has been most popular?

Target emblem
In 2014 the company’s PR team conducted a customer survey in the streets of New York so as to find out which of the logos was the most appealing for the citizens. Here are the results:

  • 20% preferred the 1962 logo, explaining that they liked its “retro” and “less corporate” look
  • 5% opted for the 1975 version
  • 2% voted for the 1989 wordmark

All the rest either liked the current emblem best or refused to choose any of the versions.

Font of the Target Logo

Font Target logo
The current version of the logo is just an emblem that does not actually need the name of the company or any other text to be recognized. However, the previous version did use a wordmark, which was given in the Helvetica Neue Bold font.

Color of the Target Logo

Color Target logo
Red and black have always been the two main colors of the Target logo, while white has been left for the background. The black letters in the wordmark provide excellent legibility, while the red depiction of the target is a perfect eye-catcher. The earliest version sported a lighter shade of red that included rosy and orange hues.