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The chain of membership-only retail warehouse clubs Sam’s Club belongs to Walmart Inc. The founder of the company was Sam Walton, also known as the founder of Walmart. The first Sam’s Club opened in the spring of 1983, in Midwest City, Oklahoma. The first notable acquisition took place four years later, when Sam’s Club purchased the SuperSaver Wholesale Warehouse Club West Monroe.

Sam's Club Slogan
  • Enjoy the Possibilities

  • Savings Made Simple

  • We Are In Business For Small Business.

Meaning and history

Sam's Club Logo history

The evolution of Sam’s Club logo can be described as a transition to more modern styles without losing touch with the brand’s heritage.

What is Sam’s Club?
Sam’s Club is one of the retail chains owned by Walmart. The chain is specialized in the wholesale of a variety of goods, including electronic appliances, homeware products, fashion accessories, and pet supplies. The chain works on a Members-only basis.

1983 – 1990 – Sam’s Wholesale Club

Sam's Club Logo 1983

The earliest versions of the logo contain the word “Wholesale”. The largest word in the logo, however, is the word “Sam’s”, which is set in an austere all-caps sans. The lettering “wholesale club” is given in two lines to the right.

Below, there are three horizontal lines and the writing “A Division of Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.”

1990 – 1993 – Sam’s Club

Sam's Club Logo 1990

The design was simplified. The word “Sam’s”, which has remained unchanged, now occupies a larger part of the logo because many details were discontinued. Apart from the name of the founder, there is only the word “Club” in white placed inside a black rectangle.

While the design is simple, it seems to lack identity.

1993 – 2006

Sam's Club Logo 1993

The company went for a logo that was better recognizable. Technically speaking, the shape of the elements remained virtually unchanged. And yet, the logo looked fundamentally different.

For one, a blue square was added as the background. The square was standing on one of its angles, which resulted in a very unstable feel. It looked as if the logo was going to fall and you needed to catch it. This captured your attention making the design eye-catching in spite of its calm colors.

To make this effect even stronger, the designers who worked on the emblem tilted the wordmark slightly. Now, the letters were positioned diagonally and were oriented upward. Such a direction is subliminally perceived as optimism and readiness to embrace the future.

We should also point out that there was a version with the slogan “It’s a Big Deal”. The slogan is placed inside an orange arrow. What’s even more important, there is a second square in the background. It is colored in a warm shade of green. The Chinese variation was also based on two squares.

The versions with two squares became the inspiration for the following variation of Sam’s Club logo.

2006 – 2019

Sam's Club Logo 2006

In this version, the two squares were slightly rotated and placed inside a larger dark blue square. The lettering “Sam’s” in a serif font could be seen below, also inside the dark blue square. The word “club” still features a simple sans.

What is Sam’s Club
Sam’s West, Inc. (better known under the Sam’s Club brand) is a US chain of retail warehouse clubs. As of the fall of 2021, there are 600 outlets across the US and Puerto Rico. In addition to it, there are also clubs in other countries.

This logo was more serious and business-like. It also looked somewhat dated due to the serifs and the larger number of elements. Possibly, the company wanted to emphasize its heritage.

2019 – present

Sam's Club Logo

A simpler and thoroughly modern logo transformed the double square into a sleek and minimalist emblem. The name of the brand was set in a homogeneous lowercase sans.

Colors and font

The grayish shade of blue in Sam’s Club logo is PMS 2384. Its RGB coordinates are as follows: 0 103 160, the hex index: #0067A0.

The subtle transitions from thick to thin in the glyphs make them somewhat similar to Gibson Regular, which is one of the primary fonts of the brand. Yet, in fact, the type in the wordmark is a different one.