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AutoZone is the name of one of the most famous automobile parts retailer in the United States, which was established in 1989 and by today has almost 7 thousand stores across America. The company specializes in selling used car parts and is very well-known not only in North America but also in Mexico and Brazil.

Meaning and history

AutoZone Logo history

1979 – 1987

Auto Shack Logo-1979

The visual identity history of AutoZone can be divided into two periods — the one from 1979 to 1987, when the company existed under the name “AutoShack”, and the new era, which started in 1987.

The logo from the 1970s is definitely a prototype of the one we all know today.

1987 – Today

AutoZone Logo

The style is kept, along with the main elements of the typeface. As for the color palette, of course, today it is more intense and bright, reflecting the company’s growth and energy.

The AutoZone logo is composed of an italicized wordmark in a smooth sans-serif typeface with letters “A” and “Z” capitalized. The lettering is executed in red, placed on a white background, with a thin yet confident black outline and a delicate black shadow, which adds volume and dynamics.

The left part of the logo is complemented by an orange rectangle, which right part is cut diagonally and features several white lines of different thickness.

This orange and red insignia represent the brand at its best, reflecting the movement, energy, and progress of the company, along with its professionalism and value of quality.

The italicized lettering and diagonal orientation of the lines add a sense of speed, which brilliantly reflects the purpose of the retailer — the automobile industry. While the colors evoke a sense of passion, power, and progress, and the whole and black details point on the professionalism, authority, and expertise.