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The logo of InterSport is well known to fans of an active lifestyle around the world. We owe the actual introduction of elements of sports life in everyday life to this chain of stores.

Meaning and history

Intersport logo historyDuring its existence, the InterSport logo has been adjusted several times. The brand colors were preserved, but the image changed. The current harmony of movement, the combination of incompatible elements, was not achieved immediately.

1968 – 2018

Intersport Logo 1968
The initial logo for Intersport was introduced in 1968 and stayed with the famous retail chain for the first years, which is impressive. And even after the redesign, held in 2018, the original style and color palette of the company’s insignia remained the same. The Intersport logo from 1968 featured a red and blue inscription Inter uppercase, placed on the right from the abstract minimalist emblem, drawn in the same color palette. The emblem featured a solid red dot placed above the thick wavy blue line and stood for the stylized “IS” monogram. As for the wordmark, it was set in two different fonts — the red “Inter” was executed in a medium-weight rounded sans-serif typeface, while the blue “Sport” boasted extra thick lines and slightly extended contours of the letters.

2018 – Today

Intersport logo

The main symbol of the InterSport logo is the balance that the ball reaches on the way either from the hill or from an uneasy climb. Equilibrium, the duration of which is one moment, after which a new movement follows.

The very logo of InterSport is a rectangular space without a special background color. The basis of the logo, a stylized track or a springboard on which the ball is frozen in instant balance – the image seems to be the embodiment of an interrupted movement for a second, another name is life itself.

Emblem Intersport


Color Intersport logo

The logo is solved in two colors, not counting the white background – it is the red color of the upper segment and the blue color of the lower one. The “mountain” or track from which the ball rolls or is to be climbed is embodied in a stable blue color, while the ball is mobile and dynamic by nature – red.

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