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Decathlon is a brand of a sport apparel and accessories retailer, which was established in 1976 in France. Today the brand has more than 1500 stores worldwide and is considered to be the world’s largest retailer in its segment.

Meaning and history

Decathlon Logo

The word Decathlon is a competition with ten sport events. The brand chose it as the name due to its universality. It reflects all the sport directions, on which the company is focused and is a very strong name.

The Decathlon logo is composed of a wordmark placed on a bright blue rectangular.

The all-caps lettering is executed in a bold and neat typeface, which is similar to Avant Garde Bold. The letters are spaced every close to each other, which makes “D” touch “E” and “L”, “O”, and “N” make a single construction.

The most recognizable part of the Decathlon wordmark is the connection of the letters “C” and “A” which is smooth and rounded.

Decathlon emblem

The white color of the nameplate creates a good contrast with the blue of the background and evoke a sense of energy and happiness.

The Decathlon logo is a reflection of brand’s vitality, generosity and friendliness. It is a strong visual identity, which represent everything, that is important for the company and makes it stand out.