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VMware is an American software company, which is specialized in cloud storage and virtualization services. The company was established in 1998 and works closely with both Microsoft and Apple.

Meaning and history

VMware Logo history

1998 — 1999

Vmware Logo 1998
The original logo showcased the “VM” emblem with the lettering “Ware.” The letters in the emblem were white. They were positioned over two triangles, a red and a black one.
The word “ware” was given in black over the white background. The type was a simple sans.

1999 — 2009

Vmware Logo 1999
The previous versions of the logo used an emblem, which was placed next to the wordmark, that didn’t change.
The emblem was a combination of three squares with rounded corners. The squares partly overlapped. While the type used for the wordmark was the same as in the current version, the color was different. In contrast to the current gray logo, the previous one was of a muted shade of blue.

2009 — Today

VMware logo
The current VMware logo is fully text-based. The wordmark in all the lowercase lettering is executed in a modern sans-serif typeface, where the “VM” part is bold and rounded and the “ware” part is thinner with more distinct lines.
The VMware logo is strict and simple, it uses a classic shade of gray for the wordmark, which is a representation of a serious and confident approach to developing software and the reflection of the company’s stability.
Logo VMware
The multicolor version of the emblem is a celebration of the brand’s numerous possibilities and services, which are all of the highest quality.