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Mailfence is the name of an e-Mail platform, created in 2013. Founded in Belgium, Mailfence is based on the principle that privacy is a right, not a property. They focus on transparency and maintain an updated transparency report and leave their code open for audits.

Meaning and history

Mailfence Logo history

Mailfence is a relatively young e-Mail service, which provides a higher level of security, and this is the main peculiarity of the platform. This priority is clearly seen in the visual identity of Mailfence, which was created in 2013, and brilliantly reflects the essence and purpose of the service.

2013 – ….

Mailfence logo old
The Mailfence visual identity is pretty simple and laconic but has everything needed to reflect the main idea of the service in a very progressive and stylish way. The logo, drawn in a blue and white color palette, uses an envelope as the main element, just like most of the e-Mail platforms. But the Mailfence envelope is different.

The emblem of the e-Mail platform features a horizontally oriented calm-blue envelope with rounded corners and a contrasting pattern, composed of diagonal lines forming a silhouette reminding a barbed wire. This symbol of security and privacy perfectly represents the main value and idea of Mailfence and supports the naming of the platform.

When used in its full version, the emblem is followed by a white lightweight lettering in the title case of a narrowed sans-serif typeface.


Mailfence logo

The refreshed Mailfence logo represents the growing and developing company , which is able to change with the world around it and the needs of its customers. The concept with the envelope and a white barbed wire, set above the black title case inscription, although all elements were refined and modernized. The color palette got brighter and fresher, the lettering became bolder and the contours of the characters got their full, not narrowed shape.