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Virgin Media is one of the largest telecommunication conglomerates in Great Britain which was established in 2007, and acquired by Liberty Global in 2013. Virgin Media was the first quadruple-play company in its country.

Meaning and history

Virgin Media Logo history

Virgin Media is a company, which serves more than 13 million customers across the United Kingdom, and throughout a pretty long history of the brand, it has gained a very strong reputation on the market. The company tries to constantly improve the level of its services and to adapt the latest technologies to the packages provided.

Virgin Media was established at the end of 2006 through the merger of Virgin Mobile, NTL, and Telewest companies. For half a decade the brand was owned by Virgin, and in 2013 it was acquired by Liberty Global, which gave additional resources and power to the brand.

What is Virgin Media?
Virgin Media is the UK’s second-largest pay-TV operator. Virgin Media was founded in 2006 after Branson-owned Virgin Mobile merged with NTL and Telewest. Today the company provides communications, cable TV, and Internet services to millions of customers.

In terms of visual identity, Virgin Media has had several experiments with volume and colors throughout its history, but the main shape and idea have always remained the same. The stylized infinity sign has been a part of the logo concept since 2007 and became its only element in 2013.

2007 – 2011

Virgin Media Logo 2007

The original Virgin Media logo was created in 2007 and featured a dark red gradient emblem in a shape of an infinity sign, with the left “wing” larger than the right one. The symbol featured a flame-like yellowish outline and had a white underlined “Virgin lettering in its left part. Unlike the “Virgin” in the recognizable corporate typeface, the lowercase “Media”, set under the emblem, was written in a clean modern sans-serif typeface, in plain black.

2011 – 2012

Virgin Media Logo 2011

The redesign of 2011 has cleaned up the contours of the “Virgin” wordmark, emboldening the lines, enlarged the lowercase “Media”, and switched the color palette, using the Union Jack pattern in the right part of the infinity emblem, with the left one set in glossy gradient red. The tagline of the logo was now also set in gradient red, adding motion and brightness to the whole composition.

2012 – 2013

Virgin Media Logo 2012

In 2012 the Virgin Media logo was redesigned again, and this time it was only about the color palette of the elements, which was a mix of the first two versions — with the gradient red and a white-to-yellow outline, which was more intense in the right part of the emblem.

2013 – Today

Virgin Media Logo

After the acquisition of Virgin Media by Liberty Global, the logo of the brand was redesigned. The original shape and style have been kept, but redrawn in flat and bold red lines with no gradients or gloss. The infinity symbol was outlined and placed on a white background, with the “Virgin” set in red too, and the lowercase sans-serif “Media” placed inside the bight segment of the infinity symbol, with its typeface modified.

Font and color

Virgin Media Emblem

The “Virgin” lettering is set in the unique corporate typeface, which has no commercial analogs and uses bold rounded bars. As for the lowercase “Media”, it uses a more traditional font, which is pretty close to such types as Caros Soft Bold, or Gelion Medium.

As for the color palette of Virgin Media’s visual identity, it is based on one shade of red, which looks powerful and bright and represents a strong and reputable company just right.