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Goosebumps is the name of horror-books series for kids, which was first published in 1992. The series instantly became popular all over the globe and by today there are almost 250 Goosebumps books written under the label, with over 400 million copies sold.

Meaning and history

Goosebumps logo

The Goosebumps logo is executed according to all the most important principles of a horror logo — it is bright, memorable, and has a very unpleasant look due to the colors and contours chosen. Cool and modern, it looks slippery, sticky, and cold, like you are touching something slimy.

The logo is composed of just a green wordmark. Which is usually placed on a black it dark gray background, but this lettering is more than enough for creating the mood the authors wanted.

The Goosebumps inscription in the title case is executed in a custom font with extra thick lines and uneven edges. The dripping letters look like slime or mucus, colored in a poison-green.

When placed on a light background, the green letters gain a thin black outline, and sometimes the letters’ color is gradient and light in order to give the whole logotype a three-dimensional look.

Though green is usually associated with growth and success, in the Goosebumps logo you don’t see it, as here everything is about textures and shapes. The disguising slime is all you see when looking at the emblem, and it is just a perfect graphical representation for any horror book.

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