Viasat Logo

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Viasat Logo
The Viasat logo went through a single overhaul over its almost 35-year history. The result is a more modern and friendly design.

Meaning and history

Viasat Inc. is a US provider of high-speed satellite broadband services and secure networking systems based in Carlsbad, California. The company was established in the spring of 1986 by Mark Dankberg, Mark Miller, and Steve Hart.
Logo Viasat


The original logo featured the word “ViaSat” in navy. There were two capitalized letters: the “V” and the “S.” The “i” had an unusual gradient “dot” (or square, to be precise). The left end of the horizontal bar of the “t” was cut. Another unique feature of the type was the shape of the serifs on the “a.” Other than this, the type looked rather traditional.
Below the wordmark, a gray horizontal line could be seen.


Viasat Logo
While the original logo was pretty stylish and dynamic, it had a retro touch. The new version introduced in 2017 looks more contemporary.
To begin with, the capital “S” has been replaced by a lowercase one. The type featuring soft, rounded corners looks friendly and has a tech vibe. Probably the most unusual letter is the “t” where the right end of the bar has been replaced by a dot.
The dot seems to be the start of an abstract wavelength combining navy blue with bright shades of light blue and light green. The authors of the logo nicknamed it the “signal.” According to the company’s blog, it is a “signal of change, of growth” and also “captures our communications growth” reflecting the growing connections.
Also, as the company explained in their blog, the aim of their new Viasat logo was to emphasize that they “set our sights on becoming the world’s first global internet service provider.”