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Versus Versace is the name of a Versace sun-brand, which was established by the fashion house at the end of the 1980s, with the idea of creating collections for the young audiences, and with a more affordable pricing policy than the mother label.

Meaning and history

The Versus brand is a subsidiary of iconic Italian maison Versace, it was created in Italy in 1989. This year, the famous fashion designer Gianni Versace decided to expand the range of his brand’s customers, so creates a new label for you Ger clients. The new brand focuses mainly on casual style clothing and accessories; with bold and bright details. The Versus collections are more affordable than the garments from Versace, but they also feature a completely different style and approach to design.

The new project started from the release of Versus perfume, which became super popular along with young people all over the globe. As for the full-fleshes fashion collection, it was introduced by Versus in 1995, while the label was just a line under the Versace brand.

The collections of Versus were created by Gianni Versace’s sister, Donatella, who is known for her recognizable style and love of bright colors and outrageous design. The first fashion show of Versus gained a huge success.

A few years later Versus became a completely independent fashion brand and got an army of fans all across the globe who eagerly waited for each new collection. This success is explained by the concept of the brand, based on originality, performance against the elitist outfits, democracy, and freedom. The concept of the brand is directly related to its name, which means “Against”.

What is Versus Versace?

Versus (Versace) is one of the diffusion lines of the Versace fashion house. It started in 1989 but was closed in 2005. It started working again in 2009 offering a capsule collection of accessories designed by Christopher Kane.

In terms of visual identity, the badge of Versus resembles the iconic Versace Medusa, and has the same composition, with the circular emblem accompanied by a bold uppercase logotype as the bottom line.

1989 – Today

Versus Versace Logo

The Versus Versace logo was inspired by the main Versace logo, the head of the Greek mythological figure Medusa. However, instead of Medusa, you can see the head of the lion.

Unlike Medusa, the lion is depicted in a slightly more realistic manner 1000logos. The black shades add some depth.

The lettering “Versus Versace” either encircled the lion’s head or was placed below it.