Saucony Logo

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Saucony Logo
Saucony is an iconic American brand of active footwear, which was established in 1898 in Pennsylvania. In the beginning of its history, the brand was focused on production of kids shoes, and today is one of the most popular designer and manufacturer of sneakers  for men and women.

Meaning and history

Saucony Logo history

The name of the brand originated from the area of its foundation — Saucony Creek in Pennsylvania. The word “Saucony” is literally translated from the Native American as “the place where two rivers run together”. The company’s logo is composed of a wordmark and a famous emblem.
The wordmark in all the lower case is executed in a neat and bold typeface, with round welcoming letters. Its burgundy color adds a sense of warmth and comfort, while showing the brand as powerful and strong.
Logo Saucony
The Saucony emblem is a graphical symbol of the Saucony Creek river and its flow, with three circles on the image, representing the stones in its creek bed.
The Saucony logo is a great example of how the company’s roots and heritage can be celebrated in a modern a stylish form. It is confident and bright, with its unique character and style. The emblem adds elegance to the stability and confidence of the nameplate.