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Saucony is an iconic American brand of active footwear, which was established in 1898 in Pennsylvania. In the beginning of its history, the brand was focused on production of kids shoes, and today is one of the most popular designer and manufacturer of sneakers  for men and women.

Meaning and history

Saucony Logo history
The Saucony visual identity was initially built around the symbols, strongly connected to the history of the brand and its naming. The iconic brand’s logo is composed of a stylized image, representing the Saucony River and three stones.

The 1980s — Today

Saucony Logo 1980

The original Saucony logo was composed of an extra-bold sans-serif lettering in the title case with a circular emblem on its right. The emblem depicted a bold black background with two smooth white lines and three black circles on one of them. The logo had two options of the color palette — the main, monochrome, and the secondary, blue, and red. The blue and red color scheme were usually used for the Original line of the label’s products, and still can be seen on its products today.

The 1990s — 2005

Saucony Logo 1990

In the 1990s the logo was simplified to an enlarged wordmark with a delicate smooth line under it. The capitalized lettering was executed in a bold, narrowed, and italicized sans-serif typeface with thick clean lines. As for the underline, it was a black wave with three white circles on it.

2005 — 2007

Saucony Logo 2005

The redesign of 2005 changed the monochrome color palette of the Saucony logo to red and gray, making it look brighter and more powerful. The inscription was now combined with the upper- and lowercase letters, which all featured the same sizes. Some of the letters were overlapped by a light gray and white emblem, placed under the right part of the logotype. As for the left part, it was underlined by a tagline “Loyal to the sport” also in gray.

2007 — Today

Saucony logo

In 2007 all letters of the logo were set in lowercase, and the gray color was removed from the brand’s palette. Today a minimalist yet bold wordmark is complemented by an elongated and strengthened abstract River image with three white dots on it, symbolizing the rocks of the Saucony Creek.