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Mohito is a women’s fashion brand, which is a part of the Polish LPP Spolka Akcyjna group, founded in 1991. The brand specialized in affordable clothing and accessories for young ladies.

Meaning and history

The Mohito visual identity is a perfect representation of a contemporary fashion brand, focused on a young audience. The text-based Mohito logo looks strong and confident, as well as stylish and fresh.

The Mohito wordmark in all capitals is executed in a simple sans-serif typeface, where the neat letters are narrowed and have a lot of space between each other.

The nameplate looks sleek and fancy and shows the company’s politics — the latest trends at affordable prices. As the brand’s visual identity looks like it is a luxury and high-quality label.

The monochrome color palette of the Mohito logo is a traditional combination of the fashion industry. It looks bright and professional on the tags and packaging of colorful clothing items in different textiles and patterns.

Mohito logo

The Mohito logo looks recognizable and modern. It reflects the young brand, which aims to provide its customers with stylish clothes of food quality at low prices. The logo of the brand looks strong and solid, showing the confidence and stability of the company.

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