Phat Farm Logo

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The streetwear line Phat Farm has at least three logotypes: the stylized “P,” the wordmark, and the emblem based on a flag.

Meaning and history

Phat Farm Logo

Let’s start from the Phat Farm logo featuring the stylized “P.” The letter is placed inside a shield, which, in its turn, is placed in a laurel wreath. The design is housed inside a larger shield. The lettering “Established 1992” in a heavy serif type can be seen below.

The wordmark features the lettering “Phat (P) Farm” in an all-caps type. It appears to be the same font as the one used for the word “Established” in the stylized “P” logo.

Eventually, there is the flag logo. Most of it is occupied by three maroon stripes with white stripes in between. To the left, there is a navy rectangle housing the “P” emblem without the outer shield.

Font and colors

Phat Farm

Both the colors of the flag and the stripe pattern bear an uncanny resemblance to the Flag of the United States, although the shades are slightly different.