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Dickies is a denim fashion brand, which was established in 1922 in the USA. The company became famous due to its jeans and overalls and today still produces iconic designs.

Meaning and history

Dickies Logo history

The Dickies logo is bright and reflects the energetic and progressive brand, which is brave and individual. The four colors of the brand’s palette celebrate power, passion, and creativity, as well as represent the reliable company, which values quality.

The Dickies logo makes the brand stand out, it is a memorable design of the visual identity, which looks good and eye-catching wherever it is placed on.

1920 – 1930’s


1930’s – 1940’s

Dickies Logo 1930

1940’s – 2005

Dickies Logo 1940

2005 – now

Dickies Logo

The Dickies logo is colorful and recognizable. It is composed of a bright oval with a parallelogram containing a wordmark.

The oval features a red background with a rounded yellow buckle image, which also looks like a horseshoe, placed horizontally.

The blue parallelogram has a white outline which is balanced by the white inscription. The italicized wordmark is written in an elegant and bold serif typeface and adds dynamics and movement to the logo due to its inclination.