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The French luxury fashion house Chloé was established in 1952 by Gaby Aghion. Today, the brand belongs to Richemont Group.

Meaning and history

See By Chloe Logo

In comparison with the primary Chloe logo, the See By Chloe logo has a less ethereal look.

The logo of the main brand is typically given in a semi-transparent beige. The letters are not heavy at all. When such typefaces are given in black (like in the Alexander McQueen logo), they do not have anything unusual about them. But when the light typeface is paired with such a light color, the design adopts a soft and feminine touch.

By contrast, the SeeByChloe logo has more flesh. Although the letters are bolder, the type seems somewhat similar to that used in the primary logo. The color also looks like a saturated shade of the one used in the Chloe logo.