Veikkausliiga (Finland) logo

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Meaning and history

Veikkausliiga Logo history

1990 – 1998

Veikkausliiga Logo 1990
The league’s original logo depicted a soccer ball. On it, the event’s name was written in two bits. ‘Veikkaus’ was featured in white italics on a strip of green near the top. ‘Liiga’ was shown in a similar font, but colored green and without any additional background. The latter was placed in the center, and its letters were visibly larger.

1998 – 2013

Veikkausliiga Logo 1998
The 1998 design also depicts a soccer ball, but this time in a generalized shape and colored black and white. There was also a claw-like trail extending towards it from below, which hints the ball is mid-flight. ‘Veikkausliiga’ was written below the ball proper in red letter with yellow outlines. There were two lines of text, with ‘liiga’ placed below the rest.

2013 – Today

Veikkausliiga logo

The logo of the most known football league in Finland, Veikkausliiga, was inspired by the intense emotions that are experienced by players and fans alike. The Veikkausliiga logo depicts a human torso holding his hands up. He’s stretching a flag with red and dark blue stripes high above his head as a sign of victory or fan’s support.

Below, the name of the league in dark blue (the color of the Finnish flag) can be seen. It’s given in a simple, solid sans serif font. Due to the choice of type, as well as the fact that the lettering is rather large in comparison with the picture, it’s perfectly legible both at smaller and larger sizes.