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Vector Motors, an American automobile manufacturer, specializes in producing high-performance sports cars. The company was founded by Gerald Wiegert, who has been a significant figure in its operations. Vector Motors is known for its advanced and innovative vehicle designs, often showcasing futuristic and powerful cars. The company operates primarily in the United States, with its headquarters located in Wilmington, California.

Over the years, Vector Motors has gained recognition for its unique approach to car design and engineering, focusing on creating supercars with exceptional speed and performance.

Meaning and history

Vector Motors was established in 1971 by Gerald Wiegert, an ambitious automotive designer and entrepreneur. The founding of the company marked the beginning of a new era in the American sports car industry. The company aimed to compete with European supercar manufacturers by creating vehicles that combined cutting-edge technology with striking aesthetics.

One of Vector’s main achievements was the introduction of the Vector W8, a supercar that debuted in the late 1980s. This car set new standards in terms of performance and design, featuring a twin-turbocharged V8 engine and a futuristic, aerospace-inspired body. The W8 was a testament to the company’s engineering prowess and innovative spirit.

In recent years, Vector Motors has continued to evolve, focusing on developing new models and technologies. The company’s current position in the automotive industry is marked by its commitment to pushing the boundaries of supercar performance and design. Despite facing challenges and changes in ownership and management over the years, Vector Motors remains a notable player in the high-performance sports car market, continually striving to redefine the limits of automotive engineering and design.


Vector Motors Logo

The logo is a sleek and modern emblem that represents the brand Vector Motors. It features a stylized, uppercase lettering of the company name, “VECTOR MOTORS,” in a bold, sans-serif font. The typography is black with a slight gradient that gives a sense of depth.

Overlaying the text is a prominent triangular emblem, with the apex pointing downwards, suggesting motion and precision. The triangle is split into two shades, with the top half being a metallic silver and the bottom a vibrant red, separated by a fine, horizontal white line that matches the color of the text. This red shade is also featured as a horizontal stripe extending from either side of the triangle, underlining the company name and emphasizing the brand’s dynamic nature.

The overall design conveys a feeling of cutting-edge technology and high performance, characteristic of the automotive brand’s ethos.

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