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Vangest is a provider of integrated services, particularly in molding, catering to diverse sectors including automotive, aeronautics, electro-electronics, and healthcare. They offer a range of services encompassing product design, engineering, rapid prototyping, manufacturing, mold making, checking fixtures, and injection molding, ensuring comprehensive solutions across the entire product lifecycle. The company is based in Marinha Grande, Portugal, nestled in the core of the mold-making industry cluster in Europe, establishing itself as a European reference for integrated services with a group of specialized companies under its umbrella. However, the ownership details are not readily available.

Meaning and history

Vangest was founded on January 1, 1986, with the ambition to provide industrial manufacturing solutions, particularly emphasizing product design. Over the decades, Vangest expanded its service palette to include mold making, machining, design and engineering, prototyping, rapid manufacturing, testing, validation, and more, becoming a reliable service provider in the automotive, aerospace, and other sectors. Currently, Vangest continues to be an active player in the industrial manufacturing domain, offering a plethora of services aimed at enhancing product development cycles while adhering to the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

What is Vangest?
Vangest is an esteemed provider of integrated industrial services with a focus on molding, based in Marinha Grande, Portugal. Offering a full spectrum of services from product design to manufacturing, the company serves multiple sectors including automotive and aerospace. Established in 1986, Vangest continues to be a significant player in the European industrial solutions landscape.

1986 – Today

Vangest Logo

The “VANGEST” logo, depicted in the image, exudes an aura of modernity and sophistication. The word “VANGEST” is written in a bold, uppercase typeface. The font itself is characterized by straight lines and sharp edges, which provides the entire composition with a sense of stability and professionalism. The letters are consistently spaced, emphasizing clarity and precision. The color choice for the logo is a deep navy blue, a hue often associated with trustworthiness and expertise. This choice further underscores the logo’s aim to convey reliability and knowledge.

In essence, the “VANGEST” logo is a harmonious blend of design elements that convey strength, modernity, and professionalism. The choice of font, color, and the incorporation of the trademark symbol all combine to create an impactful visual identity, one that undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression on its viewers. The logo not only represents the brand but also encapsulates the core values and principles that “VANGEST” stands for.